The Guardian Combination Sewer Cleaner

sewer cleaning machine

Uncompromised Protection & Performance

The Guardian guards against excessive noise and weather conditions

Quietest Combination Sewer Cleaning Machine in the Industry
  • Rear-mounted hose reel design protects operators from noisy and hot chassis engines
  • Noise protection is a primary OSHA regulation for operator safety
  • Operating noise level typically less than 81 dBA
Full Sized, Insulated Enclosure Keeps All Tools Safe and Secure
  • Ample storage for tools, accessories, high-pressure hand guns & nozzles and lateral hose reels
Cold Weather Resistant
  • Vacuum and water systems protected by insulated enclosure
  • Virtually eliminates water pump freezing
Most Powerful Vacuum Performance
  • 5800 CFM and 27" Vacuum is the highest vacuum performance of any sewer cleaning machine on the market
    Also available:
    5000 CFM and 18" Hg or 4000 CFM and 27" Hg
  • 27" vacuum cleans lift stations faster, vacuums deeper, hydro excavates more efficiently, and keeps up with heavy flow large diameter sewers
  • Efficient, powerful and reliable horizontal transfer case drive system
Unparalleled Efficiency
  • Top loading boom provides unlimited 360° operation
  • Rear-mounted hose reel position results in increased versatility
  • Rear-mounted hose reel offers unlimited work zones and fast, easy set-up
  • Includes an ASME Certified 10-yard debris body and an 1,100-gallon
    water tank capacity

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