The Daylighter

Daylighter with Hero

Light Years Ahead

Reporting for Heavy Duty

Introducing the potholing hydro excavator with the power and capacity to quickly power through any project. The Daylighter by Aquatech™ has the power and performance to battle tough jobs without the downtime and wasted time of light-duty, truck mounted trailers.

Vacuum with a Vengeance

Heavy-duty hose options in 6" or 8" sizes and a choice of 3200 CFM/18" or 4000 CFM/27" vacuum options make quick work of potholing and hydro excavating. 

Better from the Top Down

Serious jobs call for serious equipment. The Daylighter features a rugged top-loading boom design that reduces wear and tear and can easily handle the toughest projects.

Attack from Any Angle

The fully hydraulic top-mounted boom provides unlimited 360° operation for unlimited vacuuming power from any location around the unit.

Capacity meets Capability

Introducing a high-water mark for jobsite efficiency. An 1,100 gallon water tank means the job is finished when it’s finished, not when you run out of water.

Peaceful Transfer of Power

Lower maintenance means higher productivity. Unlike weak hydraulic drives that are easily bogged down or overloaded, the Daylighter features an OMSI heavy-duty transfer case drive that keeps going strong.

A Tank that’s Built Like a Tank

The 6 or 10-cubic yard, ultra-durable, ASME Certified debris tank is built for the long haul and has the lifetime warranty to prove it.

Pressure with Purpose

The high-pressure water pump
effortlessly powers through projects with 10 to 20 GPM at 2500 to 3000 psi.