Water Jetter (SJR Series)

The SJR Truck-Mounted Sewer Jet is economically designed for removing sand, stones, bottles, cans, grease, sludge and other debris from sanitary and storm sewer lines.

Usage & Benefits

Multiple sizing of water capacities combined with various water pump options allow for customers to custom-fit an Aquatech SJR unit to any requirement. The SJR also offers the most versatile hose reel design in the industry, with 12 feet of hose reel articulation and 180º rotation.


Single Engine Drive

Decreases fuel consumption, maintenances, sound levels, weight on chassis and initial purchase price. Chassis engine powers all systems.

Rear Mounted Hose Reel

The rear reel provides the quietest, safest workstation in the industry. The 180º rotating rear reel (SJ series) and 180° articulating rear reel (SJR series) facilitates safe, easy placement of the unit regardless of the manhole location.

Triplex Reciprocating Water Pump

Continuous flow triplex reciprocating water pump creates smooth flow of flow and pressure for safe and complete line cleaning.

Drive Options

Split shaft PTO, Hydrostatic drive, or Auxiliary Engine.

Cylindrical Tank

The water tanks are 3/8” roto-molded poly, rust-free and warranted for 10 years against failure. Water tank materials can be easily repaired.