Rear-mounted Hose Reel Combination Sewer Cleaner


Aquatech B-Series

The Aquatech B-Series Rear-mounted Hose Reel Combination Sewer Cleaner is ideal for any size municipality, water and sewer district, or contractor who is cleaning storm drains, catch basins and/or sewers. Excellent for sanitary and storm sewer cleaning, water leak repair and emergency excavation. Also ideal for sewer line bypass for sewer repair/relining/replacement work.

With our rear-mounted sewer cleaners, multiple sizes of debris and water capacities combined with various water and vacuum pump options allow customers to custom fit an Aquatech unit to any application.

Reel Advantage

The rear-mounted hose reel design with 180° hydraulic articulation takes the operator off of the street and away from traffic.

Reel Reach

The rear-mounted hose reel puts more useable power in the hands of the operator with reach beyond the truck’s width and a 12' work radius.

Reel View

An unobstructed, 270° view provides a far-safer field of vision for the driver.

82 dBA reading

The Noise Pollution Solution

The rear-mounted hose reel operating position means less vibration, less heat, and 2× to 4× less noise than front-reel systems for reduced operator fatigue and increased safety.

Meets or exceeds OSHA requirements with industry’s lowest dBA of 82 or less at the hose reel, eliminating the need for bulky ear protection.

Blows Everything Else Away  

A high-performance 27" Hg blower is the most powerful in the industry for faster, more efficient vacuum loading.

Power Equals Productivity  

The ultimate, get-in, get-out vacuum power and performance to make quick work of tough projects.

Power Without Problems  

The horizontal transfer case drive delivers quiet, consistent power with fewer parts and is virtually maintenance-free for less downtime.

Pressure with Precision

A triplex pump design allows smooth, constant pressure with an efficient, reliable drive up to 150 GPM.

Diagram showing 360º Boom

Freedom of Flexibility  

The top-loading boom and one-piece vacuum hose provide unlimited 360° operation. Industry-leading flexibility means safe, easy placement of the unit regardless of the manhole or excavation location.

Maximum Capacity  

Top-mounted boom design provides optimum load distribution and more usable payload capacity without hose bends that clog and wear.

Capacity Meets Veracity  

The industry’s only ASME-certified 6-15 cubic yard debris tank. Water tank capacity from 570-1,750 gallons.