Since 1967, Aquatech has been a name synonymous with the highest quality sewer cleaning equipment available. Our line consists of Combination Jet/Vac Systems (both rear reel and front reel design), Water Jetters, Catch Basin Cleaners and Vac-Trailer units.

Aquatech was the first company to recognize the safety and operational advantages of having the reel mounted on the rear rather than the front and has been the leader in this design for decades. Our B Series (rear reel-mounted design) and F Series (front reel-mounted design) give our customers the option to have the system that they prefer.

Municipalities throughout the world have benefitted from Aquatech technology. Available from a dedicated dealer network throughout North and South America, the Aquatech line of products is designed to promote a sustainable environment by providing innovative technologies that optimize the effectiveness of sanitary networks and wastewater systems.