Catch Basin Cleaner (CB Series)

Cost-effective, one-man catch basin cleaning.

The CB series is designed to give unsurpassed performance in catch basins and storm sewers when a Sewer Combination Cleaning/Vacuuming Machine is not required. The CB series is ideal for all municipal vacuum applications.

The CB Series is for contractors, municipalities, and industrial site use where a jetting hose is not required. Ideal for catch basin cleaning and vacuuming of semi-dry material.


Air/Vac System

Positive displacement exhauster. Operating capacity of 5250 CFM (4587.3M3) and a 204″ (5181.6mm) water column. Includes a PolyChain belt drive, muffler silencer with clean out and two vacuum relief valves. Is protected by filter/centrifugal separator.

Hydraulic Dumping

Single lever control. Can dump at a 45º angle Includes a heavy-duty double acting cylinder and a self-aligning closure seal.

Triplex Reciprocating Water Pump

0-35 GPM capacity and 0-2000 PSI rating.

Power Take Off (Pto)

Split shaft PTO, Hydrostatic drive, or Auxiliary Engine.

Boom Assembly

Top mounted boom assembly with 360º motorized boom rotation. Internal air vac valve includes a 1/2″ side-mounted hose. 4-1/2′ (1.4M) boom can extend to a minimum of 19′ (5.8M). Powers up/down. Rear storage location. Includes portable pendant control.

Debris Tank

Volumetric capacity of 6 cu.yd. Hydraulic dumping with top hinged full hydraulic opening rear door. Includes two 5″ (172mm) liquid level sight eyes, a steel deflector plate, a double wall strainer on the rear door drain, four mechanical rear door loc.

Water Tanks

Two saddle tanks with a 500 gallon capacity. 3/8″ stress reinforced polyethylene and ribbed reinforced with air gap protection. Two liquid level indicators.